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About Point Cook Library of Things

Our Story

The Point Cook Library of Things is a not-for-profit organisation that provides the local community with access to a collection of extremely useful but only occasionally used items that can be loaned out for a short period of time.

Point Cook Action Group ( has been the key advocacy group for Point Cook for over a decade.  Point Cook Action Group has successfully advocated for many projects including Sneydes Road interchange, Sneydes Road upgrades and also planned and delivered projects including Point Cook Pop Park, Palmers Road Sound Wall Painting & WYNBUS.

One of the PCAG members Benish Chaudhry who is interested in sustainable solutions for the community suggested “Point Cook Library of Things” project for promoting sustainable use of tools and appliances within local community members. PCAG approched Jamieson Way Community Centre team for partnership support and a location for storing the items and they supported the proposal. We were also supported by Wyndham Council Medium Grant which helped us to kickstart the project in July’22. 

This is a community led initiative. Please donate any items to the “Point Cook Library of Things”. Become a member and utilise the things available in the library. Join the Volunteer team to support the initiative during your spare time.



(61) 400 935 900


59, Jamieson Way, Point Cook, VIC -3030